About Us
Mr. Anekant Jain

Mr. Anekant Jain, a Corporate Generalist and bold visionary has more than 12 years of experience in Corporate Management, Leadership, Strategy, Venture Capital, Management Consultancy and Entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur with foresight and Vision, he is the founder of Earthen Treasures. He is well known for his managerial skills, perseverance and self –belief is the basis for the success of Earthen Treasures. He is the person responsible for the exponential growth of the company and has been the driving force behind Earthen Treasures continuous growth, innovation and expansion.

Mr. Pratyush Bhartiya

Mr. Pratyush Bhartiya, a true entrepreneur at the core, has more than a decade of rich experience in establishing and running effective service oriented businesses. A man of diverse interests, an enterprising technocrat, he infused fresh perspectives into the business with initiatives that widened both the company's customer base & product base. His astute business sense has helped the company's turnover see manifold growth. He, along with Mr. Anekant has created a synergy to take Earthen Treasures to new heights.

Mr. Pankaj Bisawa

Mr. Pankaj Bisawa Pankaj Bisawa has over 11 years of professional experience in natural resources/mining. His vast knowledge and network in mineral and mining, has institutionalized the organization’s processes to support company’s functions at each step of the business process. He is actively involved in project execution.

Mr. Girish Jog

Mr. Girish Jog with his 8 years of wide and vast experience in Granite mining and associated infrastructure sector in the fields of project execution, project conceptualization, planning, management and monitoring, corporate strategic planning and business development, cross boundary negotiations, international tie-ups and co-operation.